Agip Arnica 104/FR

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  • AGIP ARNICA 104/FR is approved by Danieli according to Standard 0.000.001 specification
  • AGIP ARNICA 104/FR is notable for its very¬† good combustion resistance. There is nopossibility of the product causing a fire if it comes in contact with molten or hot metals, electric sparks or naked flames in case of leakage of the fluid or rupture of the hydraulic circuit.
  • It possesses good lubricating properties, a prerequisite for efficiency and long life of lubricated moving parts in the circuit.
  • Under normal operating conditions it is noncorrosive to steel, cast iron, copper and anodized aluminium. The presence of inhibitors prevents rusting of unpainted ferrous surfaces by water or steam.
  • Its antifoam properties ensure the rapid disappearance of foam and prevent any malfunctioning of the plant due to this cause.