Agip Blasia S

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AGIP BLASIA S oils meet the requirement of the following specifications :

  • DIN 51502 PGLP
  • ANSI/AGMA D9005-D94 (AGMA NR. 4S, 5S, 6S)
  • AGIP BLASIA S is formulated from a base with inherently good lubricating capacity. The very high viscosity index minimez change in  viscosity over a wide range of operating
  • It has exceptional oxidation and thermal stability. The additive have been selected to avoid the formation of sludge even if small part of the fluid oxidized owing to extreme working conditions.
  • AGIP BLASIA S has very good antiwear and EP properties; the grade ISO VG 220 passes 12th stage in FZG test.
  • It provides very good protection against rust and corrosion.