Agip Grease LC

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AGIP SP GREASE LC meet the following classifications:
SP GREASE LC                                 1                                 2
ISO                                               L-X-BDHB 1                L-X-BDHB 2
DIN 51 825                                     KP 1 N -20                 KP 2 N -20
  • AGIP SP GREASE LC greases have a very high dropping point, so  they are particularly suitable at elevated temperature. Due to the presence of adequate antioxidant package, the have oxidation stability and ensure unalterated lubricating properties even after a long exposure to intense mechanical loads and thermal stresses. They meet DIN 51 806 classification run A (SKF R2F 150°C).
  • AGIP SP GREASE LC posses very good antirust and antiwear properties without being aggressive to yellow metal; they adhere tenaciously to the surface to which they are applied resisting the dislodging effect of vibrations.
  • The presence of extreme pressure and antiwear additive enable this greases to form a lubricating film capable of withstanding the mechanical stresses caused by a combination of shock loading and sliding contact. The Timken test gives for these greases an OK load of 45 lbs.
  • AGIP SP GREASE LC are water resistant, so they can be used in wet environmental and in contact water.