Agip Grease AC

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According to DIN 51502, AGIP GREASE AC 1 and GREASE AC 2 are classed as KHL1R e KHL2R, respectively.
  • AGIP GREASE AC greases have a very high Dropping Point, so they are particularly suitable for trouble-free use at elevated temperatures (peaking at 160°C).
  • The EP and antiwear additives enable these greases to form a lubricating film capable of withstanding the mechanical  stresses caused by a combination of shock loading and sliding conditions. In fact AGIP GREASE AC greases have a Timken OK value of 45 lb.
  • AGIP GREASE AC greases have a long useful life because the special antioxidation additive effectively counters any tendency towards deterioration during use.
  • They possess very good antirust properties without being aggressive to yellow metal, and adhere tenaciously to the surfaces to which  they are applied, resisting the dislodging effect of vibrations.
  • AGIP GREASE AC greases are water-resistant, so they can be used in wet environments and in contact with water. For instance, the Water Washout of AGIP GREASE AC 2 is about 1%.
  • AGIP GREASE AC products are pumpable, so  they can be used in centralized grease systems.