WT SUPRA is a so-called “water treatment” agent: it is an aqueous concentrate of specific organic corrosion and cavitation inhibitors. Its special formula – containing absolutely no phosphates, nitrites, amines, boron, nitrates or silicates – gives it two important properties: first of all WT SUPRA is non-polluting and, secondly, it is long-lasting.


  • As a 5 to 10% solution in water depending on its purpose, WT SUPRA will protect:
    Cooling circuits in diesel and gas engines:
    – in combined heat and power plants or electricity power stations requiring no antifreeze protection but needing efficient heat transfer;
    – in ships engines;
    – on the factory test bed during running-in and for the protection of the engine block against corrosion between leaving the factory and entering service.
    Heat transfer systems (such as heating plant or secondary circuits in cogeneration units) employing an aqueous fluid.
  • It is preferable to use a soft water even if laboratory tests give satisfactory results with water rated at 20° TH.
  • It is important that the product should be mechanically mixed with the water to ensure a uniform mixture.


WT SUPRA is approved by WÄRTSILÄ (from 20 to 64 series).

For more detail product, download this catalog logo_pdf