Agip Acer MPK

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 ACER MPK products guarantee very good performance, thanks to their special characteristics:

  1. Good detergency, which ensures that paper fibres that could contaminate the oil, especially in the wet parts of the papermaking machinery, are kept in suspension. Hence, these fibres, together with particles resulting from oxidation, do not form deposits in dead spots of the circuit but are filtered out.
  2. Excellent demulsibility even in the presence of abundant water. This allows any water which accidentally seeps into the lubrication circuit to be rapidly separated from the oil in the tank, thus assuring correct lubrication. This property is demonstrated by the results of the ASTM D1401 test where separation occurs in thirty minutes.
  3. Very good antiwear performance, as demonstrated by the FZG (pass load stage 12) and the Four Ball Wear test (scar diameter less than 0.4 mm); therefore, AGIP ACER MPK can also be used in reduction gears, which permits rationalization of lubricant stocks.
  4. Oxidation resistance obtained by specific additive treatment to guarantee long oil-service life even at high temperatures.
  5. Antirust protection, with no problems concerning corrosion of copper and its alloys, ensuring that all components are kept perfectly lubricated and efficient, which, in turn, results in long machine life.
  6. Low foaming, which reduces rupture of the oil film, thus assuring efficient lubrication while avoiding other trouble caused by the phenomenon.