Agip Arnica

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AGIP ARNICA oils meet the requirements of the following specifications :

  • ISO-L-HV
  • AFNOR NF E 48603 HV
  • BS 4231 HSE
  • DIN 51524 teil 3 HVLP
  • CETOP RP 91 H HV category
  • The extremely high Viscosity  Index possessed by all grades of AGIP ARNICA minimizes changes in viscosity as a result of temperature variations.
  • The VI improver adopted is highly resistant to operating loads, and so there is no appreciable decrease in viscosity during service.
  • The low pour point of all grades permits use  for a wide range of applications including those where low working temperatures are encountered.
  • AGIP ARNICA oils have good thermal and oxidation stability thus ensuring long life of the oil.
  • Their high hydrolitic stability minimizes the formation of sludges in the presence of water.
  • AGIP ARNICA oils have good antiwear properties thus ensuring efficiency and long life of all moving parts of hydraulic circuits. Vanes and ring weight loss in the Vickers test is less than 48 mg. ARNICA 32 passes the 10th stage of the FZG test, while ARNICA 46 and 68 passes the 11th.
  • Their antirust properties ensure effective protection and preservation of all metallic components in the circuit.
  • They also have very good demulsibility, which facilitates spontaneous separation of any water which may become mixed with the oil.