Agip Bentula S

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AGIP BETULA S products meet the test requirements of the following specifications:

  • DIN 51503 KC
  • DIN 51303 KA
  • MM-O-2008 type II (NATO O-283)
  • MM-O-2008 type IV (NATO O-290)
  • VV-L-825b type II (NATO O-283)
  • VV-L-825b type IV (NATO O-290)
  • IRE
AGIP BETULA S products have the following properties which guarantee trouble-free operation of refrigeration compressors in which they are used:

  • Low pour points and flock points combined with good high temperature these performances make AGIP BETULA S suitable for lubrication of refrigeration compressors, avoiding problems which can occur due to entrainment of compressor oil by the refrigerant.
  • High chemical stability ensures that AGIP BETULA S oils do not react with refrigerants and even when mixed with them do not attack metals and seals, as demonstrated by good results in the Philipp test.
  • Low carbon residue reduces tendency to form deposits on the hot surfaces of compressor valves.
  • High dielectric strength avoids difficulties in those compressors where the lubricant comes into contact with the windings of electric motors.
  • Good lubricating properties overcome wear problems in the moving parts of machinery in which BETULA S oils are used.
  • The high viscosity index of all grades minimizes changes in viscosity throughout the wide range of operating temperatures of refrigeration compressors.