Agip Exidia HG

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AGIP EXIDIA HG oils satisfy the thermal stability and stick slip tests required by the specification:

  • CINCINNATI P 53 (ISO VG 32), P 47 (ISO VG 68) and P 50 (ISO VG 220).

AGIP EXIDIA HG oils comply with the following specifications:

  • ISO-L-HG 32 and 68
  • ISO-L-G 220
  • ISO-L-CKE 220
  • STANIMUC G 32, 68 and 220
  • DIN 51502 CGLP
  • AGIP EXIDIA HG oils lubricate perfectly the guide-saddle connection of machine tools and prevent sticking and vibration, which influence the quality of finish of the machined item and the life of the tool.
  • The additives contained in the product modify the static and dynamic friction coefficient values in order to avoid “stick-slip” phenomena and thereby ensuring a regular action of the machines and compliance with the requested tolerances.
  • The formulation of the oils has been studied in order to ensure a good rust protection and a good demulsification of the oil, which is  especially important for machines such as grinders in which water-based solutions are used as the cutting fluid.
  • AGIP EXIDIA HG oils satisfy the Cincinnati Milacron thermal stability test. This test demonstrates the resistance to sludge  and deposit formation and the absence of corrosion in iron and copper and their alloys, due to the temperature effect.
  • The high viscosity index of this series of products guarantees a constant performance of the lubricant within a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • AGIP EXIDIA HG oils possess high load resistance characteristics. The total weight loss in the Vickers test is approximately 27 mg and grades 32 and 68 are therefore particularly suitable for use as hydraulic fluids in the operation of modern machine tools.