Agip Dicrea

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  • DIN 51506 VDL (32, 46, 68, 100)
  • AGIP DICREA lubricants are very stable at high operating as shown by the low carbonresidue in the DIN 51352 part 2 oxidation test. They do not form gums or carbon deposits on the hot parts of the compressor, thus minimizing ring sticking and obstruction of delivery valve ports. AGIP DICREA also have oxidation and ageing resistance and do not form sludge or deposits as shown by the  result obtained in R.O.C.O.T. test (an oxidation  test designed to evaluate  the oxidation resistance of lubricants for oil flooded compressors). AGIP DICREA therefore have a long service life in rotary (screw and vane) compressors.
  • They have a low carbon residue and very little tendency to form carbon on hot parts of the compressor, as demonstrated by the DIN tests.
  • They have no rust-forming tendency, and pass the ASTM D 665 A/B test.
  • AGIP DICREA are antiwear oils. They pass stage 9 in the FZG test. Antiwear properties are crucial in the lubrication of rotary compressors which are more prone to wear than reciprocating compressors owing to the way power is transmitted.
  • AGIP DICREA are compatible with most types of rubber normally used in compressor seals.