Agip Grease MU 00

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AGIP GR MU 00 has been homologated by Italian Rail in “Category 002/188” (lithium grease for wheel-flange lubrication).
  • The high mechanical and chemical stability of the product ensures that its properties remain unaltered even after  long exposure to intense mechanical loads and thermal stresses.
  • Its outstanding resistance to oxidation inhibits deterioration both during storage and use, while its high dropping point allows the product to be used effectively over a wide range of temperatures.
  • AGIP GR MU 00 grease adheres tenaciously to the surfaces to which it is applied, resisting the dislodging effect of vibrations. It is also water-resistant, so it can be used in wet environments and in contact with water.
  • The multipurpose characteristics of AGIP GR MU 00 permit rationalization of stocks, since a variety of components can be lubricated with a single semifluid grease.