Agip Grease MU EP

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AGIP GREASE MU meet the following classifications:

GREASE MU                 0                              1                             2                           3

ISO                        L-X-BCHB 0                L-X-BCHB 1                L-X-BCHB 2               L-X-BCHB 3
DIN 51 825            KP0K -20                     KP1K -20                    KP2K -20                 KP3K -20
DIN 51 826               G0K                            G1K

  • The presence of EP (Extreme Pressure) additives ensures that AGIP GREASE MU EP greases form a tenaciously adhering lubricating film which resists displacement even when subjected to heavy pulsating loads, thus preventing metal-to-metal contact of the lubricated surfaces.
  • The multipurpose characteristics of AGIP GREASE MU EP greases facilitate lubrication planning and reduce the range of stocks to be held.
  • Their good physical and chemical stability ensures that these greases remain unaltered even after long exposure to high mechanical loads and  thermal stresses, while their outstanding oxidation resistance inhibits deterioration both during storage and use.
  • Their high dropping point allows the products to be used over a wide range of temperatures.
  • They ensure effective rust-protection even where the most delicate metals are concerned, and they adhere extremely well to metal surfaces resisting displacement by vibrations.
  • AGIP GREASE MU EP greases are water-resistant and can be used in moist conditions and in contact with water, while good pumpability facilitates dispensing even at low temperatures.